Starlight Stories


The Starlight Child of the day is:

December 11, 2023



Ava, age 9, takes daily medication and is often at the hospital surrounded by doctors – leaving her to feel out of place among other kids her age. Thankfully, Starlight Canada gives Ava a place to feel comfortable and simply be herself.


Noah, age 8, relies on his wheelchair to get around, making going out with his family difficult for this young boy. Luckily, Starlight Canada’s accessible events give Noah the chance to leave his worries behind and instead focus on being a kid.

December 12, 2023


December 13, 2023




Ethan, age 10, endures at least one hour of therapy and takes medication daily. When his medical challenges can be too much, listen to how Starlight Canada helps him face his fears.


Peyton, age 7, has to work twice as hard to keep up with her peers. While everyday is an uphill battle for this brave girl, Starlight Canada turns what seems impossible into reality for Peyton and her family.

December 14, 2023


December 15, 2023




Aurelia, age 7, heartbreakingly sits on the sidelines while her friends play because her brain tumour leaves her with very little energy. Between treatments and check-ups, hear all about how Starlight Canada helps her through her hardest days. 


Ethan, age 6, uses a manual wheelchair and a communication device, and requires constant care from those around him. When daily obstacles take away from spending quality time with his family, Starlight Canada gives Ethan and his loved a place to reconnect with one another.

December 16, 2023


December 17, 2023




Mikayla, age 9, sadly has difficulties walking, talking, and eating. When mental tolls become too much for her family to face, listen to how Starlight Canada provides them with comfort and relief.


Mariella, age 11, is heartbreakingly picked on by other kids for being “different”. Luckily, she knows that Starlight Canada is always there to give her a safe space to shine!

December 18, 2023


December 19, 2023




Kamryn, age 6, spends more time in the hospital undergoing treatments than playing with her friends. Hear how Starlight Canada helps her focus on the fun and feel like she belongs.


Noah, age 6, had undergone 8 surgeries by the time she was just 6 months old. While each day continues to be an uphill battle for Noah and her family, they know that they can find comfort in Starlight Canada on their darkest days.

December 20, 2023


December 21, 2023




Jack, age 9, is unable to move on his own, has difficulty with his vision and speech, and requires 24/7 care from his parents. With a life full of medical appointments, Starlight Canada is a breath of fresh air for Jack and his family.


Ella, age 12, spends months at a time in the hospital, sadly causing her to miss out on special occasions like her own birthday. Trying to stay healthy is a constant battle, but when she needs a moment of joy, Starlight Canada is there to help her find her smile!

December 22, 2023